The coronavirus causes more than 15,000 deaths in a single day worldwide for the first time

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported today more than 15,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, a record figure which places the total number of deaths from the pandemic at 1.9 million.

Also recorded 800,000 new infections, one of the highest daily figures in more than a year of health crisis, and that leaves the global total at 87.5 million.

The spikes are mainly due to the increase in America of daily cases (440,000 in the last day) and deaths (with a record number of 7,800), so that the continent adds 38 million infections in more than a year of pandemic and more than 900,000 deaths.

Europe, with a cumulative 28 million cases and 622,000 deaths, registered 273,000 cases and 6,000 deaths in the last 24 hours, although for now there is no clear rebound compared to the previous weeks.

The US remains the most affected country, with 21 million cases, followed by India (10 million) and Brazil, which last day reported a record number of daily cases (87,000, leaving the total at 1.9 million).

Russia, with 3.3 million, however shows a downward curve, quite the opposite of the United Kingdom, with 2.9 million cases.

In France (2.7 million infections), Italy (2.2 million) and Spain (2 million) the daily positive curve rises again but has not yet reached the November highs.

Germany (1.8 million cases in total) shows some stabilization after weeks of strong growth, while Colombia continues to post record daily figures and adds 1.7 million positives.

Recovered patients amount to 64 million, and of the 23 million active cases, 0.5 percent (108,000) are in serious or critical condition.