The controversial Elche-Atlético penalty continues to kick in

The Atlético de Madrid achieved an important victory on Saturday at the Martínez Valero. In large part, thanks to Fidel, player of the Elche, launched a penalty on the post in the 91st minute of the match.

A maximum penalty indicated by a clear hand of Llorente, but that came after a foul that was not, because although the referee saw the hand of Trippier, the ball hit him in the stomach. In any case, there was a change in criteria from Melero Lopez that outraged the mattress makers.

And as this goes through neighborhoods, among Atlético’s rival fans (and journalists) in the fight for LaLiga it was claimed that the penalty should not be repeated, because as seen in the images, Oblak he didn’t have at least one foot on the line. It was slightly ahead (a few inches), which led to a request for a replay.

But the Slovenian did not even touch the ball, which crashed directly into the post, prompting the referee who was in the VAR to let play continue and, according to the regulations, correctly. Because for it to have been repeated, the goalkeeper should have had a decisive influence on the action, which was not the case.

The penalty that Fidel threw to the post

Besides that Oblak was slightly ahead, footballers from both teams entered the area before Fidel connect with the spherical. The rejection was not for any of them.