The consecration of Unai Vencedor in Athletic

I think it was one of the best of the season. It’s normal that
take the glory for the goals, and to be recognized, but Rekalde’s has given a more than acceptable level throughout the season. With some error, it is true, but who has not failed in this Athletic in this campaign just ended?

debuted under the command of
before Osasuna. The vast majority were dazzled by his debut, the truth is that neither fu nor fa. It had details, including character, when the coach gave him the lead from set pieces, but it was not a debut that excited me too much.

The one from Rekalde started the preseason and earned a place in the first team. Let’s say you didn’t quite enjoy the trust of Garitano in terms of minutes he refers, but the bet was clear to the midfielder. Own Victor He clarified that “in the summer I spoke with the club and I wanted to stay, wait until the winter market. My idea was to try to play as much as possible here ”.

The arrival of
it was a change for Victor. His type of game shines brighter. His character, serious and reserved (at least that feeling gives), helps him to work in the shadows. My perspective on him has changed. I think he is one of the players who can grow the most under the command of a coach like the Spaniard. Marcelino’s football proposal is going very well for Santutxu’s. And for that reason, I’m excited about the future of this player.

Ascent play off

I have it clear. Would have led to Victor and
to the promotion play off. I do not have any doubt. Neither disrespect for the rest of the teammates, nor anything at all. We are talking about professional football.

What happens? What when a kid goes up to the first team, how can it be
, is it great news and not a lack of respect to those who are already? I do not get it. It is not a cheat, not something illegal, or anything that could be dangerous.

It is to reinforce a team with two players who can make a quality leap. No more no less. What with Victor me Vincent would the team have gone up to Second? Well we will never know. The same with the two they would not have beaten Celta B.

Everything is football fiction, but it makes me angry that Athletic does not take advantage of these circumstances. Or at least that these types of decisions are not given naturalness, as happens in other clubs such as Barcelona or Real. A pity, by the way, that the rojiblanco subsidiary has remained at the gates of the Second Division. And a huge merit for SD Amorebieta. Spectacular work of the
and players. Brutal. Hopefully Urritxe can enjoy the Smartbank League.

Today that the Athletic players are already on vacation, or almost all the players, the countdown to a new season has begun. Y Victor It is one of the reasons why I would like it to arrive on July 7, the day of the first training session. It won’t be the next Thursday.