The conclusions of the Prosecutor’s Office of the fight between Ibra and Lukaku

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) declared closed on Wednesday its investigation into the fight between the Swede Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the Belgian Romelu Lukaku in the Italian Cup derby on January 26 between Milan and Inter and signed his behavior as “unsportsmanlike”, but not racist.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office summoned Ibrahimovic and Lukaku in recent weeks to give their version of the events and, after a month and a half of investigations, excluded that there were racist components in their fight, for which the two players should only be fined, Italian media reported.

On the brink of halftime in the Italian Cup quarter-final derby, Ibrahimovic and Lukaku exchanged a series of harsh insults and came to face each other aggressively before their teammates helped restore order.

The cameras and microphones positioned in the San Siro made it possible to understand the insults exchanged by the two forwards and the Federal Prosecutor wanted to clarify, with his investigation, if the referee Valeri could hear them on the field of play before showing the yellow cards.

At first, the Sports Judge sanctioned Ibrahimovic and Lukaku with a day of suspension since the Swede was sent off for a later foul and the Belgian, for accumulation of cautions for the yellow that he saw during the brawl.