‘The club knows I’m happy’

If you have to rely on his oral expression, it will be difficult to guess what is going through the furnished head of Alexander
Isak in relation to your future. The Real forward was the protagonist of the concentration with Sweden prior to the Eurocup and, when asked about his personal condition, he acknowledged that “the club – for Real – knows that I am happy and very satisfied”. A reaction that would not have to lead to doubts, if it were not for some not very categorical nuance that adds in between: “We will see how it turns out. My focus now is on the selection ”.

One of the highest priorities of the Real is to renew Isak, improve their conditions to ensure their presence in the team in the future. The danger of suitors is latent. “I don’t think about it so much,” he says. Isak in full ‘stage’ with Sweden. “I feel very good where I am,” he says.

Isak park everything related to their future. On the table has a renewal offer from the Real, but “I have told the club that now I am focusing on the national team and the Eurocup.” On whether he is clear about what will happen next season, Isak adds questions: “I don’t know.” The Eritrean-born Nordic striker insists that “my only goal now is in the national team.” His second round has been decisive and the season he has starred in, second at La Real, has been explosive. “I feel in good shape, I finished strong in the team and I am constantly evolving,” he sums up.

There is a general feeling in the environment that Isak uncovered the jar of essences in the Real because Willian
Joseph he left on loan at the winter market. “I have played more since January, being a starter in practically all the games and the confidence is different,” he explains Isak.