The Civil Guard confuses a filming with a robbery in a town hall

Several patrols of the Civil Guard they went to the Alginet City Council to intervene against an alleged armed robbery which, apparently, was being committed at the seat of the consistory, not knowing that the assault was actually a filming of three hooded actors pretending to be robbers with submachine guns and pistols.

The Guard patrols came yesterday urgently after the neighbors called 112 to alert that several individuals armed with submachine guns had broken into the City Hall. Neither the Local Police nor the Civil Guard had received notice that simulated weapons were going to be used in a shoot.

Sources from the armed institution have confirmed the facts to EFE and have stated that are being investigated, given the possibility that the filmmakers did not have the required permits.

Sources from the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community report on their side that They have asked the Civil Guard for a report on the events to find out what happened and why this security device was put into operation. After the investigations it will be decided whether a liability is deducted, possibly against city council leaders.

For its part, Neighborhood sources have explained that they had no knowledge of the type of filming that was going to take place and that is why they were surprised upon seeing, at around 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm yesterday, several hooded and apparently armed men carrying out what appeared to be a robbery on the ground floor of the City Hall.

In reality, it was the filming of a scene from the series directed by Aitor Espert with the title ‘Powerboys’, which is scheduled to premiere in 2022 on one of the ‘streaming’ platforms.

The newspaper Las Provincias reports that, according to witnesses, the first civil guards who arrived at the door of the Town Hall drew their pistols and took cover behind the police vehicles, although that point has not been confirmed by the sources of the Guard. Civil.

The filming apparently had the authorization of the mayor, and a councilman yesterday opened the ground floor of the town hall to record the scene for the team of filmmakers.

However, municipal sources have indicated to EFE that at no time was the type of scene that was going to take place specified, so the security forces were not informed that it was an apparently violent situation that involved the simulated use of weapons of war.

Aitor Espert has directed several award-winning short films at film festivals.