‘The circumstances have never been the most suitable’

Grace has fired his position as coach of Valencia, from which he was dismissed this Monday, with a statement in which he appreciates the efforts of all levels of the club, except the managers.

TO players, members of the Body
technical Y workers both of the facilities of the club as of the Offices, the technician appreciates the work carried out in certain circumstances, points out that “they have never been the most appropriate.”

And it also underlines the difficulty of “staying out of all problems that surrounded us ”, which in the end made“ very difficult to get the objectives
sports that they talked about when I signed my contract with Valencia ”.

This is the full statement from the former Valencia coach:

“I would have liked to say these words at another time, but the time has come to say
goodbye to Valencia CF. A club that will always have my respect and support for the future.

I cannot hide that the circumstances that have surrounded the team have never been the most suitable to work with the ideal stability for coaches and players. But, despite this, I have to show my most absolute I respect Y gratitude to my colleagues from Body
technical and to all template for the professionalism with which they have worked, trying to stay out of all problems that surrounded us.

It has been a very intense for many reasons and with a demanding rhythm and work involvement of everyone in the team. Despite this, and as a result of difficulties how the project started, it has become very difficult to get the objectives
sports that were discussed when I signed my contract with Valencia.

The professionalism of the squad and the rest of the people present in the dressing room is indisputable. For this reason, I am proud of the work and effort that I have seen every day in the training field, and convinced that we have given the best of ourselves day after day.

I want to have a special recognition with the workers from the club, the offices and the sports city, for their kindness and constant effort, always ready to make our work easier, with a smile and with total predisposition. Your work is essential.

It saddens me not to have been able to enjoy Mestalla, of its public and of the special atmosphere that exists in this stadium, although I want to thank the support that I have felt from a distance, and in the day to day on the street, which has undoubtedly given us strength to continue moving forward.

I wish Valencia CF the best and I sincerely hope that the club will shine again as it deserves.