The ‘Cathedral’ of Wimbledon will be able to welcome its 15,000 spectators

The All England Club has communicated during Sunday rest that the central of the installation, the ‘Cathedral’ of world tennis, and Court 1 will be able to fully cover their capacity from the quarterfinals, which open on Tuesday, and until the final, after receive approval from health and local authorities.

The central can house 14,979 spectators, while 1 has 12,345 seats. Restrictions by the Covid-19 in the first week they left the capacity with a minimum of fifty percent.

The normal development of the first week and the control of the pandemic in England have allowed Wimbledon to confirm the expectation of having a full center and a 1.

The public in the rest of the fields will depend daily according to which ones are used each day.

To enter the venue, a complete vaccination schedule or a negative test in the last 48 hours is required. Being an English resident, it is also worth an immunity test for having passed the coronavirus within the last six months.

Wimbledon’s main stadium will be the first to fill a capacity of around 15,000 fans at an open-air sporting event based in Britain since the beginning of the pandemic, reports the organization.