The brutal zasca of Sofía Suescun to Antonio David: ‘He will be giving guidelines to Olga …’

Sofia Suescun He has given his opinion in the ‘Fresh’ of ‘It’s already noon’ about the current topic. After the latest information from the program presented by Sonsoles Ónega about the meeting between Antonio David and his daughter Rocío Flores and her daughter, the collaborator, has not hesitated to shoot one of her great enemies again: “He will be giving guidelines to Olga of how he has to behave in ‘Survivors’ ”, he launched.

Back in Malaga after several days in Madrid, supposedly preparing his response to Rocío Carrasco, Antonio David could be planning the strategy of the television premiere of his wife Olga in ‘Survivors’. “I am very sorry for Olga … Antonio David will be giving Olga guidelines on how she has to behave in ‘Survivors’,” said the reality TV expert.

For her part, someone very close to the Flores family, Rosa Benito, assured that the contest for Olga would be more difficult than for the rest of the contestants, since she would leave Spain with a great burden: a problem in Spain you cannot be there ”. What Rosa is not very clear about is who will go to the galas to defend Flores’s wife, to which Sofía replied very convinced that her daughter Rocío would be in charge of supporting her on the sets: “A friend on set is not interested” , in reference to the tremendous impact that the young woman would have as a defender in the program.

Sofía and Antonioda, like the dog and the cat

And the thing is that the enmity between the collaborators goes a long way, since since Sofía began her relationship with Kiko Jiménez – Gloria Camila’s former partner – they have said everything on television. “I smelled it from afar, he wouldn’t sell the bike to me … With everyone against me, I kept going erre que erre.” Sofía assured that she was one of the few people who did not believe Antonio David’s version. Hit or coincidence?