The British Government, under pressure to facilitate travel to Spain

The UK Government It is under pressure this Monday to facilitate travel to vacation destinations included in its “amber” list, including Spain, after the Spanish government has removed entry restrictions for British tourists.

Speaking to ‘Sky News’, the Spanish Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdes, trusted that, thanks to the advance in vaccination and the low incidence of coronavirus In part of its territory, Spain may be added to the list of “green” or low risk covid territories at the next review in London, at the beginning of June.

Sean Tipton, spokesman for the British association of tour operators and travel agencies (ABTA), told EFE that the Prime Minister’s Executive, Boris johnsonIt should also consider establishing air corridors exempt from quarantine to places with a lower prevalence of the virus, such as the Balearic and Canary Islands.

For its part, a spokesman for the low-cost airline easyJet said that “most European countries could be safely added” to the green list, which exempts you from having to isolate yourself when you return to the UK.


Under the British Government system, territories in “amber”, including Italy, France or Greece, require ten days of quarantine and a minimum of two PCR-type tests when returning to the United Kingdom, while travelers to destinations “ red ”must be isolated in a hotel.

At the same time, the British Foreign Office, whose position determines insurance policies, currently advises against non-essential travel to Spain, except the Canary Islands, which means that those who visit the Balearic Islands or the peninsula will not be able to take out travel insurance.

The Secretary of State for Business, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, insisted on Monday that you should not travel to Spain unless it is essential and recalled that Johnson “has been clear” that, although it is no longer illegal, you should not go to vacations to “amber” destinations.


On May 17, as part of the de-escalation of the confinement imposed in January, the London Government authorized foreign travel, until then illegal, but it has been criticized for contradicting itself and maintaining harsh conditions in its “traffic light” system.

For its part, the Spanish Government allows, as of today, the unrestricted entry of travelers from countries considered safe outside the European Union, including the United Kingdom, and as of June 7, anyone who has been vaccinated and their family will be able to enter. .

Due to the difficulty in obtaining travel insurance for Spain, large tour operators such as TUI and do not currently operate vacation packages to Spanish territory, except for the Canary Islands, they confirmed today to Efe.

Since the 17th, however, an increase in flights to “amber” destinations has been noticed, including several Spanish cities, although, according to the aviation data analysis company Cirium, the planes are not full.

According to Cirium figures released today in the United Kingdom, in the last five days 284 flights (about 56,000 seats) have been scheduled to places in Spain; 150 (29,000 seats) to Greece and 128 flights (34,000 seats) to the United States.

The British are the foreigners who visit Spain the most: in 2019, before the pandemic, of the 83.7 million tourists who visited the country, 18.1 were British, who went mainly to the Balearic Islands (Mediterranean), islands Canary Islands (Atlantic), Valencia (east) and the Costa del Sol, in Andalusia (south).