The Brazilian Otávio, an option for the Portuguese coach

The Brazilian medium of Porto
Otávio, who has been nationalized Portuguese, “is a possibility” to play for the Portuguese team, as recognized by the coach, Ferdinand
Saints, in an interview with the radio Renascença.

U23 with Brazil

Otávio, who went through the lower U-20 and U-23 teams in Brazil, came to Portuguese football in 2014, when he signed them Porto, which between January 2105 and June 2016 gave it to the Vitória

Later, by the hand of the technician Nuno
Holy, returned to “the dragons” and has established itself as one of the fixed in the era of the technician Sergio

“He has time to reach the national team,” said Santos, who acknowledged that “it is an open possibility”, so that even the Brazilian media could enter into the plans of “the quinas” for the Eurocup, since never He made his debut with the absolute “canarinha”.

It is an open possibility

If it were summoned, Otávio I would follow in the footsteps of other Brazilians who have also passed through the absolute of Portugal, such as the forward Dyego
Sousa or the central Pepe, who is one of the heavyweights of Portugal.