The billionaire Prince of Johor ‘heats up’ the sale of Valencia

The Prince of johor ‘Heated’ this Monday the sale of Valencia, by posting on his profile on Instagram captures of an alleged report from a consultancy on the economic value of the club from Mestalla. The movement has culminated in the emoticon of a pensive face, although he later erased it.

The billionaire Tumku Ismail, son of the King of Johor, is a close friend of Peter Lim, Valencia’s largest shareholder, which allows various interpretations of his intentions.

On the one hand, there is the most obvious that it is considering buy the club but also the fact that he has included among the captures one that fixes the value of Valencia in 408 million euros makes you think you may be ‘Heating up’ the sale between possible interested parties. More than anything, because it is a much higher amount than what Lim has invested.

It is not the first time that Prince of johor appears linked to Valencia. In fact, in 2016 he was in the sports city of Paterna, met the squad players and watched a game from the box.

The ties could have narrowed in recent months since Joel Lim, Peter Lim’s last envoy to Valencia is also apparently close friend of Tumku Ismail, whom he met when he worked in the Singaporean consulate in his country, of which they are neighbors.

From the environment of Peter Lim has been denied time and again that the club is for sale But the rumors keep coming out, now thanks to his friend.