The big questions of Real Madrid

Once the season is over, Florentino Pérez It is his turn to roll up his sleeves to solve the big questions that Real Madrid has ahead of him for the next season, but also for the future.

Will Zidane continue?

It is the great doubt of Real Madrid. There are versions for all tastes. There are those who say that he is closer to following and fulfilling the year of his contract that he has and there are also those who see him outside of Real Madrid, but not now, if not for a long time. Zidane He still does not comment and the closest he has come to saying if he leaves or if he stays was after the game against Villarreal when he explained that he is going to speak with the club.

A conversation after which, Real Madrid will know if it should look for a new coach or not. There appear the names of Allegri and Raúl to be the new tenant of the Real Madrid bench.

Will Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez renew?

Sergio Ramos and Lucas Vázquez They end their contract on June 30 and have not yet renewed. The captain does not accept the offer of a one-year contract with the same salary, but with a 10% salary reduction. Sergio Ramos would accept that reduction, but he wants two years, something that the club does not offer him. This is how things are with Sergio Ramos, and it will be necessary to see if he will twist his arm or leave.

Lucas Vázquez did not accept Real Madrid’s first offer for three more years, keeping his salary. The Galician rejected that offer and several teams have already tested him. The white club improved its proposal by raising his salary to five million, but with the salary reduction. Lucas Vázquez, for now, has not responded to the club’s new offer.

Modric He also ends his contract on June 30, but the Croatian has already reached an agreement with Real Madrid and will continue for another year receiving the same and accepting the 10% salary reduction.


This important chapter of the casualties for the new Real Madrid. There are players like Isco and Marcelo to whom the club will facilitate their departure. Varane, for his part, he has to renew since his contract ends in 2023 and has not responded to the club’s offer. Real Madrid is clear that if he does not speak out now, he will put him on the market.

Another case like Varane is Nacho. The youth squad ends his contract in 2023 and is waiting to see what happens to the future of the centrals to decide whether to renew or leave this summer. Another who also has all the numbers to leave Real Madrid this summer is Mariano.

There are players like Odriozola and Marco Asensio who can also leave, although the most shocking case is of the Hazard. Real Madrid’s most expensive signing has not surrendered and the club is seriously considering putting him on the market. Although everything will depend on whether Zidane continues or leaves and a new coach arrives.


Mbappe is the main objective of Real Madrid this summer. The club wants him to be the cornerstone of the new project and Real Madrid’s strategy is to get money from sales to face his signing.

Praise It seems that he is already tied by Real Madrid and will be the first signing for next season. The central defender arrives free at the Bernabéu. The white club wants to focus all its economic efforts on Mbappé and the rest of the possible signings would be more with exchanges than with large outlays.

Zidane or the new coach will have a lot of weight in Real Madrid’s transfer strategy. Of course, seeing the current economic situation, the quarry will have weight in the new Madrid.

Return of the loaned

This summer they return to Real Madrid Bale, Odegaard, Ceballos, Brahim, Kubo, more Borja Mayoral if Rome does not end up signing him for 15 million euros. The future of those players is something that the club must resolve this summer.

Real Madrid does not have Bale Whoever the new coach is. The Welshman still has one year on his contract and his agent has already said that if he has to be without playing that year, he will do so without problems. The club wants to get rid of him anyway.

Odegaard he left because Zidane didn’t give him minutes and if the Frenchman continues, the Norwegian could leave, but the club is counting on him. Arsenal, where he is on loan, wants him another year on loan or study his final signing.

Brahim He went to Milan where he has shone to the point that the Italian team wants to sign him. Real Madrid is counting on him for next season.

Ceballos He has many numbers to leave Real Madrid this summer. The Andalusian has not had opportunities in the white club that hopes to get money for him to face other signings, he could even enter into an operation to lower it.

Kubo is waiting for you Vinicius have a Spanish passport, something that can happen this summer. If that happens, the Japanese would remain in the white discipline. Or, at least, it seems.