‘The best version of the Real is difficult to stop’

Sweep yourself (Berriatua, 1978) is the ideal coach to analyze the final between Real and Athletic. Due to his status as a former Txuri Urdin technician, as a Biscayan and, above all, because he faces them in LaLiga, the Osasuna coach offers an exact X-ray of what he expects in La Cartuja.

Sweep yourself understands that it is a party in which “there is responsibility and pressure” but, already in key txuri urdin, believes that “there is so much illusion that it can handle everything, it eats up that stress of responsibility.” Jagoba thinks that “it’s been many years” for Real without winning anything and that “we all have in mind that penalty shoot-out with Arconada, we want to relive those situations “, sums up the coach who knows that” the players will be feeling that tickle but the illusion is above. “

1. “La Real must focus on giving its best version”

Sweep yourselfAfter pointing out sadly that he had lost “the game that was going to be played off the field, the final of Basque football,” he sticks to the one on the grass. “La Real has not won a title for many years and Athletic, which has just won one, may have more experience in this type of match. La Real has to be in charge of giving its best version because the best version of La Real is very reliable and very difficult to stop ”.

2. “Neither team is going to speculate”

If you do not doubt something Jagoba is that “the two teams are not going to speculate. Athletic, with Marcelino, is recognizable in a 4-4-2, pushes forward and is vertical. La Real always wants to be the protagonist and will go for the game ”. From there, the coach believes that “details such as getting ahead, mark.” Finally, “whoever is more comfortable in the way of playing, the one who plays his own thing more is the one who will have the most chances of winning.”

3. “The position game of the Real is better”

When it comes to talking about the strengths of the Real, the Osasuna coach highlights that “beyond his positional game, which is very good, all the coaches classify him as if not the best, one of the best in the League. , at the same time it is deep and vertical and that cannot be lost ”, he emphasizes thinking about the final. The one from Berriatua also adds that the team of Imanol “He has shown that he can also defend well.”

4. “Athletic is more physical, they will want to attack faster”

As for the virtues of Athletic, the Berriatua coach points out that “it is a less combinative team, which will want to reach the rival area with more speed.” Another aspect that he gives value to is “physical, since now they are defending forward and although it is wearisome, they are holding up well.” Jagoba, in short, expect “a final with rhythm, with alternatives and beautiful to see.”

5. “Now it is time to win a title to the Real”

Sweep yourself he is getting ready to live a final in which his little heart also has a hole txuri urdin. “As a realist, for the coaching staff or for the president, I am not going to hide that I want the Real to win. All of us who are from La Real are going to be nervous but Athletic has already won a title and now it is Real’s turn. It is what I want and desire ”, he concludes.