“The best drivers have to be in Formula 1 and Alonso is”

Pedro de la Rosa He spoke this Friday with a Dutch television network, ‘Ziggo’, about the current situation of Formula 1, closely linked in recent weeks to the Spanish Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso. The signing of Sainz by Ferrari has been the big news in an atypical start to 2020 with no races on the calendar. That move, precisely, has uncovered all kinds of rumors about a possible return of Alonso to Formula 1.

A friend of both, De la Rosa has spoken about the possibilities of Sainz with Ferrari. “Fans are very excited about Sainz’s next season at Ferrari. Carlos was very close to Max Verstappen and they consider him to be one of the best F1 drivers at the moment “, reflected De la Rosa. “Sainz is better than some people think”, has warned.

De la Rosa has also expressed his opinion regarding the path he would like it to take. Fernando Alonso. “I hope he comes back. The best drivers have to be in F1 and Alonso is, he is an animal ”, has declared. De la Rosa does not believe that adaptation is a problem for Alonso if he decides to return. “He has not been in a gap year and it wouldn’t take long to return. Just think about competing and he will do everything possible to be competitive anywhere, “he said.