The beautiful story of Marta Torrejón and the omen of her father in the Super Cup

It happened at the end of the Super Cup of the year 2020. Barça, champion of the League, played that match in Salamanca against Real Sociedad, champion of the Queen’s Cup, with the favorite poster in which it will go down in history as the first female Spanish Super Cup. The Catalans went for all and won by a resounding 1-10 with four goals from Marta Torrejon, in an unforgettable afternoon for the Catalan defense.

The right back of Barça and Spanish international was named Final MVP: “I do not remember having scored four goals in my life,” he celebrated. What few know is that the player’s father has already predicted the stellar performance of his daughter. How is it possible?

The Twitter account of ‘Totes Unides Fem Força‘, Who hopes to soon become the first official Penya of Barça Femenino, recalled the anecdote in the words of her own Martha.

“It is one of the best stories I have. He was in the locker room next to Alexia and Mariona. My father doesn’t usually write to me before games, and he sent me a message saying “bring the ball home.” I answered him that “for that I have to score three goals” and he told me “well, you put them in and you bring it back.” I showed it to Alexia and Mariona and look, I didn’t hit three but four and took the ball home. And there it is well kept, “he says. Marta Torrejon.

Marta Torrejón, MVP of the 2020 Super Cup

The truth is that in that game the player signed a perfect match. The winger became the star of Barça to show that at 29 she was still a fundamental pillar in this team.

“I had never scored four goals, I think I remember. But in the end, what I keep is the Cup that we have raised and the work of the team. And to continue working, that we are in a good line ”, he stressed.