The Baztan Valley colonizes Zubieta

From the days when they came by taxi to Zubieta, Jon
Karrikaburu It has in Jon
Pacheco to a faithful travel companion. They are both from ElizondoThey share the good regard that the Royal has for them and, how could it be otherwise, they are very good friends. They lead the colonization of Baztan on Zubieta. Navarre, in general, gains ground in the quarry of the Real, with promising representatives such as Ayesa (Ansoain), Cantero (Bera) and another forward like Karrikaburu: Jorge
Aguirre, from Lesaka. Bera Y Lesaka They are localities that traditionally live the Real with passion. On Elizondo Osasuna throws a lot. Although the temperature also rises when the txuri urdin play, now more than ever with the powerful evolution of Pacheco Y Karrikaburu.