The Basque Government feels blackmailed by UEFA and RFEF after leaving Bilbao without the European Championship

San Mamés will not finally be the Spanish venue for Euro 2020, which will finally be held this year. The Basque Government, the Biscay Provincial Council and the Bilbao City Council have shown their discomfort with UEFA and the Spanish Football Federation for this change of scenery. The Basque authorities are studying the issue with the idea of ​​taking the matter to the relevant courts to receive the money invested in this frustrated project.

Bingen Zupiria, spokesman for the Basque Government, today accused UEFA and the RFEF of having wanted to “blackmail” Bilbao, Bizkaia and the Basque Country. “UEFA has imposed a condition at the last minute (reference to the presence of the public in the stadium) that was not contained in the contracts in force. Wanting to impose the presence of the public outside the health situation in mid-June is blackmail, “Zupiria said in statements collected by the Efe agency.

“It would be very difficult for us to explain to doctors and nurses, and to professionals in basic services and educational centers, who have made a tremendous effort to carry out the course, that We make an exception with UEFA and that in an unsuitable health situation we allow the arrival of thousands of people to occupy the streets of Bilbao as if nothing happened ”, has qualified Zupiria.

The Basque Government spokesman maintains that the will of the autonomous executive has always been for Bilbao to host the Eurocup. “We have done everything possible for four years, fulfilling all commitments and contracts with UEFA, and it has surprised us with a requirement that did not appear in the contracts and has unilaterally broken the agreement”.

Iñigo Urkullu, for its part, considers that “UEFA’s decision is the chronicle of an announced decision, a decision that I do not know if it also has a political aspect “. The Lehendakari has also commented that the Basque Government is studying this contract to decide whether or not to claim compensation for the economic consequences that the transfer of the headquarters could have of the Eurocopa to another Spanish city.

Finally, Urkullu has opined that it is currently not possible to know the health guarantees that any Spanish town can offer to host football matches with the public at the end of May and has recalled that the central Executive has already positioned itself against it would have in the final of the Copa del Rey that faced the two Basque teams in the Sevillian stadium of La Cartuja: “I can understand that UEFA pursues economic objectives, but that does not mean putting the health of the fans at risk”.