The ball possession statistic, about to die

These are not good times for lovers of the stopwatch applied to football. The ball possession stat is about to die. When spring comes to the Leagues and the Champions League, the result is imposed and, the least thing is knowing who controls the ball for more minutes.

The Madrid beat the Barça 2-1 and nobody cares if the two goals were developed in speed races on the counterattack and who had much more the ball: 31% for Madrid, 69% for Barça. Curious: it is exactly the same percentage as the night that those of Koeman they won 1-6 in San Sebastián. But let’s open the focus.

This Saturday, in the Premier, a City of record succumbed at home to him Leeds from Bielsa (1-2). But possession was 71% -29% for those of Guardiola. Let’s also look at the two lessons from the Champions League last week. The Bayern was a roll of occasions (31) and possession against him PSG, 61% -39%, and yet, Neymar Y Mbappe riding against, they killed the Bavarians. In Paris, the possession statistics did not matter but 2-3 and period.

the same Madrid beat 3-1 to Liverpool with the races of Vinicius, although they lost possession at home again. Here, as you well know Tata martino, we would not bear it. We did not beat anyone important but, what a consolation, we have more possession than anyone.