The Atléticos want to ‘invade’ Valladolid

After supporting the Atlético de Madrid In the last two games from outside the Metropolitano, with a great atmosphere against Osasuna, the rojiblanca fans intend to repeat the experience but almost 200 meters from the capital, in Valladolid.

The Athletic Front, which organized the two previous calls, has summoned the mattress supporters for an ‘invasion’ of Pucela for the last league match, which will be played on Saturday at six in the afternoon and in which the Madrid team League champion will be proclaimed if he wins his match against a Valladolid who must win and wait for the stumbles of Huesca Y Elche to stay in the First Division. They see it very complicated, but they want to face the leader.

The place of concentration is the Plaza Mayor of the Castilian city and the time, 12.30 noon, although the response of the authorities remains to be seen, taking into account the problem that could pose a massive displacement of a fan to another city, in the middle of a pandemic, when later it will not be possible to access the stadium.

In the shock before the Real society (Wednesday at ten o’clock at night), about 300 fans gathered in the Metropolitano parking lot and four days later, on Sunday in front of Osasuna, the figure was close to 5,000. The players and Simeone, amazed with what they were experiencing, they wanted to publicly thank those present for their support.