The Athletic song that will make all the fans vibrate

Orsai is taking steps little by little. The group formed by Villalibre, Oscar
frames, Mikel
Balenziaga, Mikel
Vesga, Dani
Garcia and Iñigo
Lekue He will release his first single album with the song ‘One Club Men’ this Friday, as reported by his record company through a press release.

The rojiblanca soccer rock band will publish their first song in CD format “encouraged by the great response and affection received from the public”. The album will be on sale starting this Friday at a price of 10 euros and its proceeds will go to the Bizkaia Food Bank.

On February 26, the record label ‘Oso Polita’ activated a pre-sale, with a special package that included drumsticks and picks personalized with the group’s logo, which sold out 200 units “in the first 72 hours”. ”What started as a hobby has turned into a very special project. Seeing our album and sharing it with you, while collaborating with the Bizkaia Food Bank is something truly incredible ”, the Orsai members thank through their social networks.


The album can be purchased through the pages of Oso Polita, Athletic, Elkar and FNAC and physically in kiosks in Bizkaia in the official stores of the rojiblanco club.

‘One Club Men’ is a song with which they want to “make the fans vibrate” in the same way that they feel it every time they get together to play at the rehearsal venue. “We want it to be an anthem of community, of brotherhood … That of a gang of friends who instead of betting on online poker like to rock”, they say Villalibre (voice and trumpet), Of
Balenziaga, Vesga (guitars), Dani Garcia (battery) and Lekue (low).