The Athletic quarterback

Yeray He is one of the fashionable men in Athletic. The center-back had a great game on Sunday at Balaídos, thus showing that he is going through a spectacular moment. The one from Barakaldo played on the left in the axis of the rear showing forceful to the cut and doing his job to perfection. His good game did not go unnoticed by those who follow the rojiblanca news. Even, Marcelino He highlighted his good form after the goalless draw against Celta: “He is in an extraordinary moment, he constantly solves situations, it seems that he has the gift that the ball goes to him or he is where the ball appears. He is having a very high performance ”.

Barakaldo’s defender is a fixture for the Asturian. So far, he has played 18 LaLiga games, 17 of them as a starter, with one goal to his credit, the one he scored in the defeat of Getafe in San Mamés. Total 1,574 minutes, sixth in this ranking behind Unai
Simon (2,430), Williams (1,982), Ander
Cap (1,957), Iñigo
Martinez (1,895) and Muniain (1,778).

MD has obtained the opinion of three former lions who played centrals, Iñigo
Liceranzu, Oskar
Vouchers Y Luis
Tight. The champion of the eighties defines him as a “fast defender, who likes anticipation and has a good ball out.” “He has regained the level of his first two seasons, something that is not easy after what happened to him,” adds the Biscayan. His know-how and not complicating life are other of his virtues: “I don’t think he will stop braking. You know what your job is. What a center-back cannot do is play a turnover at the start. Yeray it fulfills it perfectly. Last season he lost a few balls and was off-center a bit. A defender doesn’t have time to think about whether or not you’ve missed because the next play quickly comes. This has been corrected this course “.

Very reliable

Tight He also shares the opinion on the great moment of the defender. “You can see that he has a lot of confidence, he is enjoying every action. Right now the reliability he has is enormous, he has always had a lot of anticipation and aggressiveness in a good way, but now he is more confident. In all actions transmit security and confidence. Very few centrals are in this state of form, ”says Leioa’s second coach.

Dima’s not only highlights his good defensive performance, but goes further: “When you feel good defensively and you see that you solve every action, you dare on an offensive level, with the ball. He has confidence in himself and comes out the winner in duels. He brings the ball out and in those transitions to recover and play the ball forward he looks very safe ”.

Vouchers he considers that he has the “perfect qualities” to be a good center back. “He’s showing a very good level and it’s been a pretty reliable year for him. Footballers go through good and not so good moments of form and moods. Yeray now it is in one of the best. He has room for improvement, but he has the perfect qualities to be a good center back ”.

The one from Basauri defines him as a fast defender, who goes well above and does not get complicated with the ball. “I would give it a very high grade, an 8 or a 9, because giving a 10 is difficult. He has things to improve with the ball to be more complete, but in my way of understanding he is at a high level, ”concludes the Gernika manager.