The AthletiC problem, in tow

Everyone has to contribute. He does not lack an iota of reason
when he claims the same thing he begged for
a few years ago. The problem of the lack of a goal is as chronic in the “Athletic of the nine” of recent times as the lack of scorers. Long gone are those times when up to three strikers surpassed the ten pea barrier. Now we have to settle for it
Raul Garcia
. For the rest it is mission impossible.

And that is what lies behind the debate on signings or reinforcements. As it explains GaritanoIt is the lack of a goal that recommends the “battered rojiblancas coffers” scratch their pockets. As the regular thing is nines, the supposed inspiration would come with band players who hit the meters of truth. As it explains Garitano, it is increasingly common in teams with high qualifying aspirations for second-line players to frequently see the door. What is missing in this Athletic. So remember to
, although he has scored six goals in the sixteenth of Calcio. So get excited about
Black pudding
As well as because he has that ‘one on one’ and that quality from set pieces that some of us at Athletic long for for so long. With a killer it will not reach.

The rest of the debates: what if the game, what if the players chosen, what if the system … all that would be in the background if the distribution of goals were wider. Trying to survive again with the genius of a unique striker is to dream of a past that will not return. Now there will have to be several who save loose parties and cover collective shortcomings. As he did Aduriz. Perhaps it serves as the most paradigmatic of the case to see how the popular debate continues to be who will play nine.