The appointment of the CEO of Renault to Fernando Alonso

Renault CEO Luca De Meo explained in an interview on Sky Italia that he chose Fernando Alonso to play the role of leader within the Alpine team and put him in charge of the project on the track, as he believes that In addition to being experienced, he is a demanding and ambitious pilot.

“Fernando brings all the experience he has, but also the demands. He is a person that everyone in Formula 1 knows is very demanding because he is a pure driver and also ambitious. He leads the whole team, I asked him at the beginning of the season to have that leadership role and I think he does it very well ”, De Meo commented in an interview with Sky Italia.

For 2021, De Meo aims to get several podiums and score more points than in 2020, he wants to see progress. “I would be happy if we get some podiums and something else compared to last year. Of course, what would make me really happy is to see a very strong and progressing team ”, he added.

“Deep down, we want to prepare for next season in search of solutions that allow us to be truly competitive,” he concluded.

Alpine is fifth in the Constructors’ Championship, the same one they occupied in 2019 and 2020 under the Renault name.