The applauded message of Tamara Gorro in the networks: ‘I am not a failure’

The ‘influencer’ Tamara Beanie, who regularly uses social networks to share deep reflections and messages of encouragement with his more than 1.9 million followers, has published a video on his Instagram account in which he talks about failure.

“Not having children, not dedicating yourself to what you have studied or closing your business, among other examples, does not mean failure. It means surviving, because the important thing is not in the fall (which is quite painful), it is in getting up and continuing to fight. Do not feel like a failure, rather feel proud to continue walking, “he wrote next to the snapshots that have not taken long to” sweep away. “

In just a few hours, the ‘post’ of Tamara Beanie It has been reproduced more than 296 thousand times and has thousands of reactions in the comments section.

“Indeed, I have had to fall and get up a few times … and it seems that my moment never comes … I try to be positive but sometimes the circumstances and people do not help,” a follower transmitted to him. “I have not achieved my dream and I do not feel like a failure !!” added another.