The Anoeta derby also matters

The life of the entire family of the Real has been paralyzed in an unforgettable Easter. The occasion deserved to vibrate like never in the last three and a half decades. The Cup is txuri urdin but football has run its course for the rest of the planet. While Real were proclaimed champions, a victory for Villarreal and a draw for Betis have displaced them to seventh position in the League.

The memories, by close and indelible, of La Cartuja, will continue to brim over in the mind of Real this Wednesday, when Athletic crosses the road again on the occasion of the twenty-ninth day of the championship. The Anoeta derby also matters. It is a mistake to strip them of the value they include for those of Imanol stoneware points.

A new victory for Athletic returns Real to Europe. It would be a double jump to fifth place. The txuri urdin have kept the 45 points they collected by not playing the league derby in the final. The Betis rescued a point of Elche and add 46. Villarreal was imposed on grenade and has the same. One more than the Real. The goal for those of Imanol It stands at 48. The prize is seductive: entering the final sprint in the Europa League place.

The seventh could go to Europe

Conquered the Cup final, maximum challenge in Anoeta, the sole objective until the end of the season is to enter Europe. The top managers of the club, starting with the president Aperribay, aim to repeat classification. Pointing to fifth place.

In the Spanish league there are different qualification scales to Europe and the Real is pursuing the most prestigious. The team that finishes fifth will qualify for the Europa League. Without conditions. From this parameter, the next final of Cup between Barcelona and the Athletic April 17. If the Blaugrana win, the seventh in the League will enter Europe. I would play in the Conference league that opens next season. And the two corresponding League spots for the Europa League would be for fifth and sixth.

If he Athletic lift the 20/21 Cup, you will de facto get a ticket to the Europa League. Therefore, the continental distribution in the championship would remain intact: the fifth to the Europe
League, the sixth to the Conference and the seventh, with the mold. The Real has entered a new dimension with the Cup in its showcases. Now it is a question of continuing to write pages compatible with a golden age.