The anecdote of Martínez Almeida that started Futre’s emotion

Paulo Futre He is one of the great idols of the
Atlético de Madrid
. Of that there is no doubt. The Portuguese is one of the most beloved footballers in our country, not only because of the mattress fans. Now also a collaborator of MD, he left his mark on the football of the 80s and 90s in our country.

As much as to be the idol of many rojiblancos. One of them, for example, the current mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez Almeida, who explained that he himself asked his mother that if she died when she was young, her ashes “be scattered on the left side of the Calderon“To run over them Paulo Futre.

“I am very proud. My children passed it to me … and well, he is one of the highest rated politicians in Spain”, He pointed out to end up getting excited about the fact that in our country he is so beloved. “I am Portuguese, carallo, I am Portuguese, not Spanish … and that they love you like that so many years later,” he said while he could not hold back the tears when comparing that he, always a defender of his country abroad, a ambassador of his country, has not been so recognized in Portugal like in Spain.