The Andorran event of the X-Trial World Championship is postponed to May 15

The Andorran test of FIM X-Trial World Championship The date changes again and is postponed to May 15, according to the organizers of the event (2Play), so the race will close the season where the world champion of the specialty will be decided.

Initially the test had to be disputed on October 24, but the current situation derived from the pandemic of the Covid-19 have forced to locate the X-Trial Andorran at more distant dates for the safety of all those involved.

The test of X-Trial World Championship It is scheduled to be played for the second consecutive year at the Sports Center of Andorra. 2Play has also informed all fans who have purchased their tickets that the tickets purchased so far maintain all their conditions and validity for the new date of the test without the need to carry out any additional procedures.

In the Andorran test last year, the pilot residing in the Principality, Toni Bou.