The all or nothing goes cross

Let no one be surprised if, any of the next few weeks, the International Board and FIFA occur to implement timeouts in football matches. Two per team in each period, for example. And that Imanol order a zone defense when the opponent attacks in static. And that surveillance is individual after each corner. And that the interned by the gang be directed by the computer on the blackboard, with a black marker and a few scribbles, in the heat of battle. Will they end up expelling a footballer for committing five personals? At this rate, who knows.

Coaches will be in awe of the novel rule that was put into practice when football was resumed from lockdown. And others who will curse that each team has the right to five changes. Imanol
Sheriff He has not hidden his disgust, on more than one occasion, at the arrests that interfere with the pace that his Real wants to impose. The option that everyone can change five players in a maximum of three rounds is a method closely linked to the music of a match being interrupted by the system.

Like the new statute or not, Imanol He uses the wide sleeve that current football grants him. He is opting, in most cases, to exchange the cards at the same time. And to exhaust the quota, up to the five modifications.

Minute 63: La Real brakes dry

The contest against Valencia was channeled for game time. The siege of the Royal did not translate into the finishing touch of the task. The proverb would define the matter with a lot of noise and little nuts. Oyarzabal, the resource of the intermission, approached the goal in a house brand driving moments before the Real declared themselves unable to continue with a high voltage.

Minute 63. Remiro short, Valencia had not configured its rear armor and Mikel
Merino, in full conduction through the medullary, stops. None of his companions was able to continue the stampede. Dry braking. Shift for reservations. Imanol ask for time out.

La Real made four changes in minute 66. A full-blown revolution to blow up the final stage. All radical twists include a risk component. The all or nothing came out cross. Guevara was significantly less than Zubimendi. Robert
Lopez it was no more ingenious than Silva. For your it also did not come close to the impulse given by the injured Januzaj. Y Willian
José he barely exceeded the dose of danger he had created Isak.

Eight minutes after the bugle call, Valencia decided the match against. The four changes had had a convoluted effect. Imanol he sought victory with the new norm and lost. The best of the Real solved the quadruple change was Gorosabel. The bet did not work.