The Alavés already makes ‘box’ with the discards

Deportivo Alavés has started to make “cash” in the most unexpected way. Far from having to transfer his most important players to get money, he is doing it by selling some footballers who have had a fleeting step or who have not even debuted with the first team.

Argentine striker Ramón Miérez was the first to say goodbye to Vitoria. On loan to Croatian Osijek, his good performance this season led the Balkan club to execute the call option. It has taken ownership of its services in exchange for 2.5 million euros and 20% of a possible future transfer. At the time, Deportivo Alavés signed him from Tigres for 1.1 million, so the balance is positive.

The next to pack will be Frenchman Olivier Verdon. The center-back has played this campaign in the Bulgarian Ludogorets, with which he has exceeded the number of games played that his contract stipulated so that the purchase clause had to be made effective, which will take place in the coming days and will report to the entity slime about 900,000 euros.

The movements of Miérez and Verdon may not be the only ones that bring benefits to the coffers of Deportivo Alavés, as left-back Saúl García could stay at Sporting de Gijón. The Asturian entity is obliged to buy it in case of promotion, an option that is not ruled out since David Gallego’s team is one of the candidates to get into the ‘play off’. In the event that Sporting militated next season in the top category, Deportivo Alavés would earn between 500,000 and 750,000 euros for the defender