The 5 tactical keys in the Manchester City preview – PSG

The 1-2 of the first leg in the Princes Park makes the Manchester City be the favorite to eliminate the PSG and reach the end of the Champions League this Tuesday, but the tie is not 100% closed, and at Mundo Deportivo we analyze the main tactical keys in the preview of an exciting match that is looming.

1. PSG’s 4-2-3-1 with Verratti alongside Paredes

The fact that PSG needs to score at least two goals to turn the tie around, forces Pochettino to take risks, and if the forecasts are met, one of them will be the fact that Verratti plays at ‘2’ and not the ‘3’ of his 4-2-3-1. Gueye, Leandro Paredes’ teammate in the first leg, was expelled, and far from entering Danilo Pereira or Ander Herrera, everything indicates that it will be Verratti who will delay his position a few meters, giving space to Draxler in a three-quarter zone with Di María and Neymar, and with Mbappé ahead. It seems like a more offensive team profile than that of the first leg and it is interesting to see how this PSG develops when it comes to discussing possession of the ball against Manchester City. Easy does not have it, but if he manages to be effective when he has the ball, with Verratti and Paredes as pitchers for the rest, the plan may work out for him.

2. The City attack, without reference

In the first leg, Pep Guardiola agreed to attack Bakker, a weak point behind PSG, although to do so he needed to play without reference in attack. There was no ‘9’ and it could be said that neither was ‘false 9’. Marquinhos and Kimpembe had no reference. Time after time the City’s offensive network charged down his right to test Bakker, PSG’s left-back, who lived a real nightmare. The thing did not go bad at all, and regardless of whether the Dutchman plays or not, the fact that Manchester City dispenses with a reference to use, winning it in a plan such as in the first leg or in midfield to sleep the meeting at will, it is more than likely.

Neymar, closely watched by Gündogan during the first leg

3. The vigilance on Neymar

Neymar has been showing himself as undetectable, and surely Pep Guardiola is very aware that, if he managed to tie the Brazilian short, the possibility of PSG approaching a comeback would decrease, and much. The Catalan coach is not a friend of marking the man, but more of defending himself with the ball, but what is expected (as happened in the first leg) is a network of aids every time the Brazilian comes into contact with the ball. . He is the footballer who changes everything in this PSG and well deserves special treatment from the rival, whatever he is.

4. The spaces between the defense and the center of the field of PSG

If what we say is true about PSG jumping to the green with more talent than muscle in its engine room, Manchester City will surely attack whenever possible the space between the defensive line and the medullary of Pochettino’s men. . In fact, on that front of the area, De Breuyne, Gündogan, Bernardo Silva, Foden and company can do a lot of damage. The chess game between Pep and Mauricio is looming in this sense, depending on how the duel starts.

5. The ‘little arrow’ of the goalkeepers

It is not a tactical key to use, but the state of grace shown by Ederson on the one hand and Keylor Navas on the other will be decisive. The Brazilian is no stranger to messing it up on big dates (it wouldn’t be the first time) and if he does it this time, he could give PSG wings, which will have some. The Costa Rican was not at all fine in the first leg, and if this is repeated, theirs will have no options. The ‘little arrow’ (the one that in video games separates the optimal version from the nefarious one in the same cash) has to be upwards.