The 5 keys of Villarreal – Dinamo Zagreb

The stadium of The ceramic hosts this Thursday the return of the quarterfinals between the Villarreal and the Dinamo Zagreb with those of Unai emery with the 0-1 advantage achieved in Croatia. The income is good, but the Balkan team was already able to turn around a qualifying round whose first ’round’ had ended with a 2-0 in favor of the Tottenham, then your opponent. The following are the keys to the match in which the ‘yellow submarine’ wants to emerge towards the semifinals:

1. The smell of Gerard Moreno

It would be dangerous for him Villarreal to speculate with the result, and it seems like a better way to look for the goal of tranquility from the beginning. And talk about goal in the Villarreal is to make it of Gerard Moreno, which is going through a more than sweet moment. He has participated, as a scorer or assistant, in 19 of the team’s last 23 goals. The data speaks for itself of how important your sense of smell is.

2. The imbalance of Lovro Majer

One of the great challenges you face Unai emery in the preparation of the match is to be able to draw up a plan by which the damage that the emergent can cause is minimized Lovro majer. The whole game of Dinamo Zagreb passes through the boots of this small midfielder who during the first leg already demonstrated his capabilities.

Lovro Majer, fighting with Chukwueze during the first leg

3. Individual duels

In the first leg, the scoring of individual duels said that the Villarreal won 62-44, and although it is very difficult to justify that this circumstance helped the result to be favorable to those of Emery taking into account that his goal was from the penalty spot, as for the sensations it was worth to prevail. With the score even, being fine there and in the second plays that can be promoted is essential.

4. The minutes of Croatian madness

That he Villarreal he is a favorite both to win and to pass is a fact. But it is also logical to think that if he knows how to play his cards Dinamo Zagreb it’s going to have its chances. In other words, it is not crazy to assert that the Croatian team could count on, at least, the typical quarter of an hour of high revolutions in which everything can change. If given, the Villarreal he must know how to stop it and play with the tempo of the game.

5. The couple of great occasions

Last but not least, it should be noted that the pose of a figure like Dani Parejo must be valid for the Villarreal is comfortable throughout the game. His experience and handling of the games is one of those great intangibles for which the “yellow submarine” is a favorite.