The 5 keys of Dortmund – City

A goal from Phil Foden in 90 ‘it prevented the Dortmund achieved a 1-1 in the first leg that, if given, would force the Manchester City to score to qualify this Wednesday in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions. With 2-1, those of Pep Guardiola They don’t even need to beat, but the Dortmund, with Erling haaland, keep hope alive. The following are the keys to a game that, although with a clear favorite (City), comes with everything to decide:

1. The ‘punch’ of the City

It is difficult to imagine that the possession of the ball by City it stays below 60%, but it will be of little use if it is not reflected on the scoreboard. In the first leg, the game was much more even than expected, and Guardiola’s men come to see how last weekend, in a duel they completely dominated, the Leeds he defeated them by 1-2 scoring in the two shots at his disposal. A total of 29 attempts starred in the City. If you repeat that lack of ‘punch’, the Dortmund you will have options.

2. The ‘Haaland factor’

The Norwegian striker does not go through his best moment so far this season, having accumulated 6 games without scoring between the Dortmund Y Norway, but this Wednesday’s duel is one of those great events in which he is obliged to do his best to definitely position himself on the first step of the world super-elite. Anything that can run into space will be good news for him Dortmund and very bad for a Manchester City who is sometimes hesitant in the defensive retreat.

3. The battle of the wide zone

The logical thing is to think that the City, despite starting with an advantage in the scoring, will dominate the tempo of the game and that will be the Rodri, Gündogan, De Bruyne and company those who will draw the film of it. However, in Dortmund the growing Jude Bellingham He promises to complicate their existence as it already happened in the first leg.

Foden and Bellingham, fighting for the ball during the Manchester duel

4. Ederson shorts

That he is a great goalkeeper is beyond doubt, but Ederson He is used to starring in actions that are very expensive for the Manchester City. In the first leg, he avoided conceding a goal just because the referee appreciated a foul where many did not see that it was such a thing. If it is the one of the great occasions, there will be no problem, but if you do any of yours the Dortmund you will benefit.

5. The alternatives from the bench

In the event of a scenario in which the end of the match is reached with the result of the tie to be decided, the Manchester City He has everything to gain from the largest number of alternatives available to him. In other words, whatever the ‘eleven’ chosen by Pep Guardiola Y Edin terzicSurely the ‘citizen’ bench will be much superior, and that could be decisive in the final stretch.