The 3×3 Academy U18 basketball team participates in the French 3×3 Circuit

The 3×3 Academy U18 team participates in the 3×3 French Circuit. Next Wednesday the 23rd he will participate in the French town of Pau, in the first round of the French Junior League, in a French national tournament. With this participation, The 3×3 Academy becomes the first training team in the country to play an international tournament, which was reached after winning all the state tests played so far, both in the junior category and in the cadet category.

The team made up of players from different clubs in the region and also from abroad, will face 7 French teams and if they win the tournament, they will qualify for the Poitiers test, prior to the grand final in Paris in September. The players who will travel to France are: Oriol Manero, Dani Kabeya, Arnau Miquel and Jordi Boix. Oriol Puertas and Sergio Ruiz are also part of the team.

The 3×3 Academy, founded by several Vallesan coaches and with ties to the region, such as Pere Purrà, Martí Roget or its director David Planas and located in the Vallès Oriental, is dedicated to training male and female players in the Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball.

On June 6 they participated in the Badalona headquarters of the Catalan Circuit, resulting winners and the following Sunday they traveled to Valencia to compete in the 3×3 Plaza organized by the Spanish Federation, where they were also winners in both categories.