The 20th of Athletic passes through Valladolid

Athletic, unlike last Sunday against the Atlético leader, did not know how to become strong yesterday in defense against a Valladolid that arrived in relegation places. The lions doubled their usual number of goals when signing a draw. From the almost traditional 1-1 this time he went to a 2-2 against, yes, the “king of the tie” of Primera.

Marcelino’s men, with 1-0 and even 2-1 on the scoreboard, entered a match dynamic that did not suit them. Instead of closing lines with an advantage on the scoreboard, they insistently searched for the goal that would have given them greater peace of mind. It is true that Masip, the Pucelano goalkeeper, avoided what seemed inevitable for his team.

In Athletic, yes, it was clear that there is a center forward who grows as he has minutes and games. Curious the path followed by Villalibre in order to reach the point where it is currently. Pucela, by the way, was an obligatory stopover on the route of the last two rojiblancos battering rams with the made in Lezama seal.. Part by part.

Aduriz’s withdrawal meant that the number 20 was handed over to Villalibre. Valladolid, Athletic rival on duty yesterday, appears as a common point in the training process of both players. The San Sebastian did well. The one in Gernika, not so much.

Aduriz He left Lezama in the 2003-2004 season and signed for Burgos in 2nd B for a season later, at the age of 22, to sign for Valladolid, 2nd A. After a first season as albivioleta, in which he scored 14 goals in 32 league games, he scored only half of his second season at Zorrilla.. Athletic paid three million for their signing to the Albivioleta entity and Clemente had a luxury winter reinforcement in that tough first section of 2006.

Villalibre He also had to pack his bags for Valladolid after having debuted as a lion at the age of 19 and having tried another short experience at Numancia. The pucelano club He was also welcomed in Second A on loan, with Juan Mata, the Getafe forward today, as a great offensive reference. The Gernika striker returned months later to Bilbao, with 14 league games, to go to Lorca. Then he went down to Bilbao Athletic for a season and from there he has gradually made a hole in Athletic at 23 years old. Yesterday he did not score, but he was about to do so.