The 1×1 of Brazil in the final of the Copa América


He had almost no more work than the shot that ended in Brazil’s goal. He couldn’t do anything, they left him alone and Di María got stung.

DANILO – Intrascendent

It does not stand out at all. It was not bad in defense but just in output of the ball.

MARQUINHOS – Versatile

He left central, was strong and well placed but ended up desperately to see


It helps to understand what is a leader and aborted options, both inside and out.

I GAVE IT– Indicated

His serious positioning error led to Di María 1-0 and then he was inoperative in attack.

Casemiro – Lost

He was quite alone in defense and had to put out fires as best he could, especially with the false 9 figure.


It shone far less than any other Copa América match. He was lost in fouls and in the crashes of the Argentine players.

FRED – Precipitate

He won a yellow just to start and was revolutionized. He had to be fired at halftime.


He didn’t get even half a play.

NEYMAR JR. – Unhinged

It was a want and I can’t. He tried to pull the car, making good personal plays and defending his teammates. He received the tough tackles from Argentina and endured them with poise.


He had the draw and forgave. Before that, a goal was disallowed for offside.



He entered the break and forced a change of scheme in which he could participate and contribute something positive.

VINICIUS – Transparent

As if I hadn’t played. He did not get anything.

EMERSON – Offensive

He replaced a very bad Lodi to contribute something in attack, although it was rather little.

GABIGOL – Dangerous

He had the tie in two plays and was a threat the few minutes he played.