The 1 x 1 of Barça alevín champion of LaLiga Promises

The Barça fry conquered this Sunday the XXX edition of the LaLiga Promises Santander Tournament, held at the Pamesa Ceramic Sports City of Vila-real. From the hand of the technician Jordi Pérez Trujillo, the Barça team, made up of footballers born in 2009, took over the tournament and each and every one of them invited them to remember their names for the future. This is the 1 x 1 of his performance:

1 – Gerard Valls – Complete

Tall and lanky goalkeeper but at the same time notoriously agile. Always well positioned and attentive to the play. Endowed with good footwork, he served as one more outfield player in creation. He shared the award for best goalkeeper of the tournament with his teammate Juan Carlos Melgar.

2- Siriki Kone – Stellar

The owner of the right wing of Barça and one of the most brilliant in the tournament. Quick and capable of reaching advanced positions and entering the rival area, he showed very good command of both legs and an excellent technique that constituted a constant headache for the rivals.

3- Joan Inglés – Intelligent

Endowed with enormous intelligence in tactics, he fulfilled defensive tasks when it was his turn and also contributed his good work in creating the game from behind. Make no mistake, always choose the correct option making football look very simple.

4- Raúl Exposito – Captain

Dominant with and without the ball. Attentive and concentrated at all times, he showed his good anticipation when the opponent’s play required it, going very well to the cut, and in creating the game he was a bulwark organizing the team from behind. A captain with all the letters.

5- Jordi Pesquer – Creative

More than one and more than two plays came from his prodigious left leg that ended in scoring opportunities. More than correct tactically, he demonstrated excellent creativity when creating advantages through his passes.

6- Eloi Gomez – Disciplined

Disciplined and very mature in football in spite of his young age, he showed the good success that he enjoys with the ball at his feet. Very intelligent in the occupation of spaces and creative both from the band and reaching interior positions.

7- Ebrima Tunkara – Electric

Electric and fast, both shooting unchecks without the ball and when dribbling when he had the same. He has a good shot with both legs as he made clear in the final, marking the goal that ended the culé triumph.

8- Fran Orduña – Cash

His kicking the ball draws attention and thanks to it he left the tournament having scored 4 goals. Always well positioned to offer passing lanes, he was excellent when it came to giving continuity to the creative moves, always choosing the best option, finding the necessary spaces for Barça to command the game.

9- David Obinna – ‘Killer’

Electric striker that smells like danger at all times. He enjoys good determination and at all times has the rival goal between eyebrows, always looking for the way to reach it and score.

10- Michal Zuk – Superclass

From the beginning he seems right-handed, but when he touches the ball with his left leg, one doubts and defines it more as ambidextrous. It sets the tempo of the match and makes everything revolve around it. In attack and with the ball, he makes it clear that he is a wonderful 10, but he also shows enormous spatial intelligence when he does not have the ball and knows how to fade in defensive transition to contribute his two cents in the recovery. He was always closely watched and rightly so because he has the play in his head a second before it happens.

11- Ismael Ziani – Dangerous

Very technical footballer with a prodigious left leg. He gave amplitude to the team positioned on the left wing and took control of the lane, starting from his field to reach the baseline and the rival area continuously. In addition, he showed that he has a great dribble and an excellent shot.

13- Juan Carlos Melgar – Insurance

Tall and dominant in the area without losing agility to go down. Very safe and always well positioned, he also has a footwork that is worth to be the first footballer in the creation and at the same time a support for his teammates. He shared the award for best goalkeeper of the tournament with his teammate Gerard Valls.