“Thanks to you today a person is going to die”

The ‘influencer’ Tamara Beanie He has used his Instagram profile, which has more than 1.6 million followers, to publish snapshots in which he harshly charges against parents who have not respected the rules established for today, in which parents have been able to take their children for a walk for the first time since the state of alarm was decreed.

“The first thing I have done today has been to congratulate the children, I consider that they are the true example during this confinement, I have also asked the parents for responsibility, but they considered that they had it,” said the Segovian, visibly upset.

Then, Hat He transmitted that he had been “wrong”. “I have been very disappointed. That small percentage of dads and moms have decided to go to a park with many children, play a soccer game, go to the beach to take the sun in crowds, to go for a walk … They didn’t give a shit about people dying daily , that the health authorities are taking away their time and their lives to save ours ”, he pointed out.

“That is why you, dad and mom, who have been in these crowds today and you have not cared about everything, know that thanks to you today a person is going to die and I feel ashamed,” sentenced the woman from Ezequiel Garay.

So much Hat like the footballer, they are separated from their two children Shaila and Antonio, who have been in Madrid with their maternal family since before the state of alarm was decreed. That is why the ‘youtuber’ also wanted to publish a screenshot of her little ones on this day long awaited by children.

“Honestly, I am sorry to see you with a mask … But I am PROUD not only of my children and nieces, but of all the children who have been the example of all this nightmare we are living. Today is your little day, and I assure you that that of many adults, because seeing you enjoy is the energy of all. LITTLE CONGRATULATIONS! ”, He wrote.

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