Terelu Campos responds harshly to Rosa Benito for her zasca to María Teresa Campos

Rosa Benito opened a good melon a few days ago in ‘It’s already noon’ when she affirmed without shaking her voice that María Teresa Campos was not a friend of her sister-in-law Rocío Jurado and, strongest of all, that he was not by her side during her illness. “When I hear that María Teresa Campos was a friend of Rocío Jurado … she herself recognizes that in the 18 months of illness she only goes to see her in the hospital one day,” said Rosa Benito live, to which she added: “They weren’t friends. I haven’t seen María Teresa Campos at my sister-in-law’s house like I did see Isabel Gemio”. These words have sickened the Campos who have responded to Rosa from the set of ‘Viva la Vida’. And they have been clear and hard.

Terelu Campos has hallucinated with this unexpected zasca by Rosa Benito for her mother, which in her opinion is also totally unnecessary. María Teresa Campos is the greatest support along with her daughters from Rocío Carrasco, as a family for her, and that, according to Terelu, the Mohedano’s cannot bear it. “There will be no statement in which it is said that María Teresa Campos was a close friend of Rocío Jurado. I am clear about the intentionality with which Rosa Benito makes those statements. When Rocío was ill we were informed at all times by Rocío Carrasco. It is also clear to me, because I have had her by my side for many years, that this does not come to Rosa’s mind because yes… She likes to do these things, “Terelu said very forcefully and without hiding her resentment towards her former partner.

Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego

Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego in ‘Viva la Vida’.


Carmen Borrego has supported her sister in her words and added that what happens to Rosa Benito, Amador Mohedano and the entire family of Rocío Jurado is that “it bothers them that Rocío Carrasco says what she says about María Teresa Campos.” “Rosa can’t take it … Teresa and Rocío’s first bond is professional. When I close my relationship with Rocío Carrasco is when she starts working with my mother. A pink kiss! “, Added Borrego firmly but quite calmly.

Rosa Benito


Las Campos, once again, have made pineapple with Rocío Carrasco and now more than ever they are focused on their defense en bloc on television sets. In this protection, which is now even more evident, they do not want there to be cracks or distractions like these bombshell words by Rosa Benito from the Sonsoles Ónega set. Will the controversy stop here?