Terelu and Alejandra Rubio come out in defense of María Teresa Campos

Maria Teresa Campos
gave an interview to Isabel Gemio for her program ‘Charlas con alma’ on her YouTube channel. The veteran journalist felt attacked from the beginning, when she revealed Campos’ age. “I would rather reach 80 like this”he exclaimed.

Gemio provoked moments of great tension with María Teresa and, when she wanted to talk about controversial issues about her daughters, the interviewee put an end to it: “I’m tired, I’m not coming to do therapy; I have come to do an interview ”.


This Sunday, your granddaughter, Alejandra Rubio, came to his defense in ‘Viva la vida’: “The interview was going to last half an hour and in the end it lasted for more than two hours. In my opinion, he played dirty and, apart from that, he wanted to interview him from a more haughty position and it was totally reflected, everyone realizes. My grandmother is very calm and has taken it very well for the dirty interview that was being done to her ”.

One of his daughters also got wet, Terelu, who did not hesitate to pull out his claws to defend the matriarch of the Campos: “I believe that the disagreement begins the moment he tells her that he is 80 years old. That has bothered Teresa. I get it”.

“Teresa is 79 until June 18 when she turns 80. Teresa thought she was going to a shorter interview. From there I think her insistence on some issues made her feel violent and upset “, revealed.

“Isabel has always boasted of being Teresa’s friend”

“What surprises me is that Isabel has always boasted of being Teresa’s friend and I have not seen a friendship that I have always believed they have had,” lamented the television collaborator.

Such was the displeasure of the communicator, that, according to Terelu, “It’s been a bad few weeks.” “She has called me several times very upset,” she explained.

Gemio defends himself on Instagram

For her part, Gemio has defended herself with a video who has published on his Instagram account: “When I tell him about his age, that for me it is a merit that a person at his age is undertaking a new project outside of conventions, I find it admirable.”

“The age, which was the first thing we recorded, he did not like it and I did not imagine that he would not like it, but I do not do that interview,” he justified himself.