Tennis: Tribute to Feli López for his 20 editions of Godó

The RCT Barcelona and the Open Banc Sabadell-Conde de Godó Trophy they have paid tribute to Feli lopez for his 20 played editions of the Godó, absolute record of the tournament.

The club president, Jordi Cambra, and the tournament director, David ferrer, have given Feli a mural with different photographs of his 20 participations in the Godó.

“Thank you all. Time flies. I have played Godó 20 times and it is difficult to assimilate it, you realize that time passes very quickly. I am almost 40 years old and I still enjoy tennis, ”said the man from Toledo, who aspires to play more years and expand his history in the tournament.

“I hope to continue playing longer. I feel happy and my body continues to support me to play at the highest level. Hopefully it will be many more years, but for now I am going one by one ”, Feli commented on Teledeporte.

“I have experienced many things here and here I played my first quasi-professional tournament, when they gave me an invitation to the preliminary phase. I qualified for the main draw and they beat me up that I don’t even remember, ”Feli said with a laugh.

Indeed, López played for the first time in the big picture of Godó in 1998 and received a severe defeat by Jiri novak (6-0, 6-2). In total, he has played 41 games in Barcelona with 21 wins and 20 losses, the last in his debut this week against Lorenzo Musetti.

His attacking game has always been better adapted to hard and grass courts, which is why on the Godó ground he only had two quarter-finals as his best result, in 2011 and 2012.

Feli López’s longevity is also contrasted with another record: he is the player with the most tournaments in the world. Grand slam contested consecutively, 75 in total between Roland Garros’2002 and the Australian Open last February.