tennis schools and doubles are back

The Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET) has informed in a statement that starting this Monday, May 25, with territories in Phase 1 and Phase 2, tennis schools may open, with a limited capacity, and you can play or train in doubles mode already in Phase one.

“This Saturday a new provision of the Ministry of Health has been published (Order SND / 440/2020, of May 23) that significantly affects the practice of sports in PHASES 1 and 2 of de-escalation by COVID-19. Starting this Monday, May 25, the existing restrictions for training sessions and group classes in sports that do not require physical contact are relaxed, “says the RFET.

“According to this change, since PHASE 1 the practice of doubles mode. Also the resumption of collective classes and schools in sports clubs and centers, respecting the maximum limit of 10 people per track, as well as the safety and hygiene measures established by the well-known health authorities, especially the minimum safety distance of at least two meters at all times, ”the notice continues.

And greater openness “in the case of the Basque Tennis Federation (FVT)”, since “inter-territorial mobility is allowed between neighboring municipalities with regular traffic for socio-economic activities, including those in a professional sports field”.

And in reference to Beach Tennis, indicates that in Phase 2 “the use of outdoor showers and footbaths, toilets, changing rooms and other similar public services will be allowed. Its maximum occupation will be one person, except in those cases of people who may require assistance, in which case they can count on their companion ”.