Tennis: Nadal: ‘This means a lot more with the year we’ve been in’

Rafael Nadal has highlighted that his 12th Godó Trophy “It means a lot more” considering the current difficulties for the whole world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is the same pleasure to be here once again with almost 35 years. Ten years earlier this was unthinkable. This title means a lot more to me, when I play it with an audience after the year we’ve been here ”, said Rafa.

Stefanos He is an incredible opponent, the number 1 of the year and he knew the difficulty. The game had everything and it is a very important victory for me. I had two good options to win in the second set, but what’s done is done, you have to accept mistakes and look forward, it’s my way of thinking, you can only fix what lies ahead “, said Nadal in his first statements after winning the final at the La1 microphones.