Tenerife and Las Palmas tie in a bland Canarian duel

Tenerife and UD Las Palmas drew 1-1 this Sunday in an anomalous and bland Canarian duel in which neither team made enough merits to win something else.

An already classic confrontation between the first two Canarian teams always arouses an unusual interest, not only in their respective hobbies, but also in the field of play, although on this occasion both teams jumped onto the grass more eager not to fit so much any than to score to get the crash back on track.

Hence the almost total absence of chances in this first half, except for the two goals, the first in the 10th minute, when a cross from Folch’s right was used by Vada at the far post to send the ball into the net.

Zarfino, once the half hour of play was over, tested Álvaro with a half-turn shot, but the goal sent the ball to a corner while in the final stretch it was Sergio Ruiz who was successful and scored the equalizer with a strong shot, after several rejections by the Tenerife defenders.

In the resumption, the decorum of the meeting did not change much, although perhaps it was the visiting team that exercised greater control over its rival, but without any impact on Dani’s goal, except for the occasional sporadic arrival in its vicinity.

Two shots from Tenerife, one from Moore and another from Fran Sol once the 70th minute passed, was all the offensive baggage of his team in this second half, while in the final stretch the Gran Canarians had only one chance, but Mujica He could not resolve against Dani after a precise center from Lemos.

In short, one point for each team and practically not only does it leave them in the same qualifying position, but it is more than likely that both are already at a considerable distance from the promotion positions to which both aspired.

Data sheet:

CD Tenerife: Dani Hernández; Moore, Sipcic, Carlos Ruiz, Álex Muñoz; Nono (Suso, m.66), Folch (Sergio González, m.83), Aitor Sanz, Vada (Shashoua, m.58); Zarfino (Apeh, m.58) and Fran Sol (Valera, m.87).

UD Las Palmas: Álvaro Vallés; Lemos, Alex Suárez, Curbelo, Dani Castellanos (Viera, m.62); Robert (Maikel Mesa, m.76), Sergio Ruiz, Javi Castellanos, Pejiño (Clemente, m.67); Araujo and Jesé (Mujica, m.76).

Goals: 1-0, M.10: Vada. 1-1, M.41: Sergio Ruiz.

Referee: Milla Alvendiz (Andalusian Committee)

He admonished the locals Vada (m.20), Suso (m.84), Valera (m.89) and Carlos Ruiz (m.90 + 7), and the visitor Pejiño (m.42).

Incidents: Match of the thirty-first day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium without spectators.