Telecinco will test the contestants of previous editions in ‘The Last Temptation’

In January 2020, Telecinco broadcast for the first time ‘The Island of Temptations‘. Five semi-unknown couples landed in the Dominican Republic to test their love with the worst of temptations: ten single men and women willing to do anything to make them fall in love.

The show was an absolute hit with audiences. So much so that the production company decided on the next two editions in the summer and broadcast the second after returning from vacation. During this time 15 couples have passed through the Caribbean villages, of which only two are still together today. Although many others have been born.

The love between Hugo and Lara triumphed!

Knowing the glory they achieved with this format, the program’s producer together with Telecinco is working on a new space that promises to revolutionize programming again: a reality show called ‘The Last Temptation‘, In which some of the participants of the three editions of the program will once again put their relationships to the test.

In it, the producer wants the contestants to explain where they are in their relationships and to put their love to the test again.

As has been learned, in the same way as in the last two editions of ‘The Island of Temptations‘, Sandra
Barneda will take command of the space that will be recorded this coming summer and that will be broadcast soon on Mediaset.

Stefany at the stake of temptations.

Stefany at the stake of temptations.