Telecinco opens a new stage after the cancellation of ‘Save me tomato’

April 19, 2021. Telecinco begins a new stage this Monday in which it renounces one of its pillars, ‘Save me tomato’, to make way for the daily edition of ‘The right price‘, A mythical contest that the chain recovered for prime time on Mondays just a few weeks ago.

Thus, Mediaset throws in the towel before the push of ‘Pasapalabra’, the undisputed audience leader between 8 pm and 9 pm, a decisive strip that directly affects the results of the star news programs of the chains.

A few months ago in Telecinco they found a problem, and a very big one. A judicial resolution forced them to dispense with one of their flagships: ‘Pasapalabra’.

Antena 3 did not take long to take advantage of the situation to win the popular contest to reinforce its afternoons and be able to dethrone the almighty “Save me” that he was forced to spend another hour to cover such a notorious absence.

To ‘Save me Orange’ and ‘Save me Lemon’ They were added ‘Save me Banana’, which was later renamed ‘Save me Tomato’ as a tribute to the mythical ‘Here there is tomato’ that catapulted Jorge Javier Vázquez to fame at the beginning of this century.

The fact is that the fight between the last segment of ‘Save me’ and ‘Pasapalabra’ it was slowly but steadily decanting in favor of the Antena 3 contest, which surpassed its rival by more than five screen share points each afternoon.

In view of the fact that not even with the echoes of the tsunami of the Rocío Carrasco case ‘Save me Tomato’ has managed to approach the competition, in Telecinco they have opted for a drastic decision: to eliminate this space from their grill.

From this monday The chain once again ends ‘Save me’ at 8pm to make way for ‘The fair price’.

In this way, Telecinco once again follows in the wake of Antena 3 when it comes to betting on contests in that time slot, as it did a few months ago with the Turkish soap operas that have given their rival such good results.