Telecinco launches its spectacular official announcement of ‘Survivors 2021’

It is one of the most anticipated commercials of the year for television lovers. Telecinco has launched its spectacular promotion of ‘Survivors 2021‘, yet the program is now a reality.

If a few weeks ago the chain confirmed the production of a new edition and rumors began about the possible names that would embark on competing in the space; now Telecinco launches the first promotion of the program that repeats presenters. The network did so during the broadcast of the debate on “The island of temptations.”

As you have pointed out Sandra Barneda before giving way to publicity: “We have a premiere, bombshell. Tonight in scoop we premiere, well it is one of the things that is most expected when a large format is about to start as ‘Survivors’. The promotion of ‘Survivors’ it has arrived, it is here. Let’s go to see her!”.

Then it was possible to see on the spectator screens the promotion in which they have participated Jorge Javier Vázquez, Lara Álvarez, Jordi González and Carlos Sobera dressed as lifeguards. All of them, combined in red, have starred in a highly anticipated announcement.