Telecinco announces the surprise signing of Rocío Flores

The Rocío Carrasco and ‘Survivors’ case these days they dominate the Telecinco grid that, in a new show of audacity, has managed to merge its two bombshells thanks to the signing of Rocío Flores.

The daughter of Rocío Carrasco and Antonio David Flores, the protagonist after her mother’s statements in which she accuses her ex-husband of mistreatment, will comment from this Friday the reality adventure of the chain in ‘The Ana Rosa program’.

Although there is enormous expectation to know her position in the conflict between her parents, the young woman is not expected to enter into these issues, so that his interventions will be limited to defending Olga Moreno, his father’s wife and contestant in this edition.

Rocío Flores is the most persecuted woman of the moment. Since her mother gave the bell telling her truth “to stay alive” in the docuserie that has half the world hooked to Mediaset, everyone is looking forward to let the young woman speak. And although he has not explicitly spoken about it, he has dropped which side he is on more than one occasion.

On her Instagram account Rocío has left the odd ‘zasca’ to his mother. One of them was the emotional farewell to Olga Moreno, Antonio David’s wife, hours before traveling to Honduras to participate in ‘Survivors’. The young woman shared a nice photo of the two hugging and wished her the best of luck.

But, without a doubt, what could have hurt Rocío Carrasco the most was the last hidden message hours before the premiere of episode 6 of “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.” Flores shared a story in which an illustration appeared along with a significant phrase: “Better life with Flores”. He couldn’t say more with less.