Tebas: ‘The Champions League is prepared to not have Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juve’

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, has returned to the charge this Thursday against the three clubs that are still involved in the Super League project. The leader has assured that if finally Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, are sanctioned for UEFA, LaLiga will not move any token to support them. And most importantly, believe that the Champions League will not lose claim in the event that these three clubs do not end up playing it in the short or long term future.

“My personal opinion is that the Champions is prepared to not have Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and Juventus. The Champions have continued to live without Manchester United for five years. Milan was expelled from European competition and the competition has lived on. They are not essential in Europe. Of course we would like them to play, but the facts are the facts and UEFA must act ”, said Tebas in the press conference after the meeting of the Club Advisory Platform, the CAP (Consultant Platform of Clubs).

The president of LaLiga has not wanted to enter into the possible sanctions that UEFA may end up imposing on the three surviving clubs of the European Super League, although he does let it fall that the Spanish football association will do nothing to help them against possible punishments.

“I am not going to go into the legal issue. What I did say is that We, as a League, are not going to defend any Spaniard who is sanctioned. The facts have nothing to do with nationality. If UEFA has legal accommodation to sanction them, LaLiga will not say anything. He is going to defend most of his clubs, not one or two ”, he stated. Thebes.