Tebas, on the ‘Diakhaby case’: ‘There is an audio and the one that says it has a South American accent’

Thebes, President of The league, appeared this Thursday before the media and said that he hopes to “clarify” what happened last Sunday in the Cadiz-Valencia, encounter during which the French Mouctar
Diakhaby left the field of play after an alleged racist insult from John
Creek, who would have called him “fucking nigger.”

“Throughout today or tomorrow there will be more news. There is an audio that is a minute and a half after the incident and the one who says it has a South American accent, therefore it is not Cala. We have commissioned the cleaning of the recordings to see what can be heard and we have commissioned a lip reading expert, Cala says something, but we are going to see it ”, he explained.

“There will be a report with what Cala’s lips say”

Thebes hopes that once the recordings have been analyzed and the lip reading reviewed, this controversy that has lasted for five days can finally be closed: “I think there will be a report with what Cala’s lips say and a report with the audio that Diakhaby points out which corresponds to one minute later. We can identify the player we know is speaking, who is not Cala, and things will be clarified. I think there will be a conclusive solution ”, concluded the president of the employer’s association.

Javier Tebas, within the framework of the colloquium Encuentros en La Vanguardia

The Committee sees “reasonable indications” of possible racism

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation reported on Wednesday that it sees “reasonable indications” of possible racist insults from Creek, who denied having insulted Diakhaby at a press conference and denounced that he was suffering a “public lynching”.

“I never said that. All I told him was that he was wrong, that I hadn’t told him that, nothing more. I have been in four different leagues (Spain, Greece, Wales and China), with teammates of all origins and all colors and I have never had a problem in this regard, “said the central defender. Cadiz Last Tuesday.

I’ve been in four different leagues with teammates of all backgrounds and all colors